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New Year 2014: 14 Animal Toys for $20.14

Knitvana toys: 14 knitted animals

14 Animal Toys

Celebrate the New Year with Knitvana!! 14 Animals for $20.14 just in time for 2014!

14 Knitvana knitted animal toys are:
* 5 Big Knitkinz (14” tall): Monkey, Dog, Cat, Crocodile, Elephant
* 3 Knitkinz for Your Office (6” tall): Bear, Dog, Cat
* 2 Small Knitkinz (7” tall): Cow, Bear
* 4 Other Toys: Piggy Bank, 3 Little Bears, Mice, Ducky

Because of New Year 2014 you can all 14 Animal Toy patterns only for $20.14. If you buy all these patterns separately, it would cost you over $46!

You can find a lot of pictures and patterns on our website:

Individual Patterns

Knitkinz are cute stuffed knitted animals. Knitkinz are 14 inches tall.

Knitkinz Orange Cat $4

They all have the same sized head and body, so any Knitkinz clothes fit them. You can find free patterns for Knitkinz clothes and accessories on this site.

Knitkinz Blue Dog $3.62

You can give your Knitkinz unique personalities.

Knitkinz Brown Monkey $4.73

You can knit for them clothes and accessories, food and furniture.

Knitkinz Elephants $4

You can take them with you anywhere. They make warm and comforting gifts that are so important for people you love in this tough economic time.

Knitkinz Green Crocodile $4

Mini Knitkinz are 7 inches tall - about half size of original Knitkinz.

Mini Knitkinz Blue Bear $3

Mini Knitkinz Coral Cow $3

You can use this cute Piggy Bank as a toy or as a small pillow.
The Piggy Bank makes a cute gift. It is easy enough for beginner knitters and a lot of fun for experienced knitters.

Piggy Bank Toy and Small Pillow - $4

These toys were inspired by the Pixar movie “Brave”. In the movie, Merinda’s little brothers named Hamish, Hubert, and Harris are transformed into these adorable bears. This is the perfect gift for any fan of the movie, whether they’re younger children or adults!

Three Little Bears $3.33

Ducky $2.50

Kniting Easy Knit Mouse is very simple. All you need to know is how to "Knit", "Perl", reduce and add stitches. The mouse is only 5.5" long therefore you can use any yarn leftover. Their Favorite Food - Cheese pattern is available for free on

Easy Knit Mouse $0.99

Knitkinz Cat for Your Office $2.97

Knitkinz Dog for Your Office $2.98

This Knitkinz Bear is a perfect way to give a hug this Valentine Day to your Valentine. The Bear can sit next to your Valentine in the office.

Knitkinz Bear for Your Office $2.99.