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Mini Knitkinz Animals

Introducing Mini Knitkinz - about half size of original Knitkinz

Mini Knitkinz - New Animals

Knitkinz are cute stuffed knitted animals. Mini Knitkinz - 7 inches tall - about half size of original Knitkinz.

They all have the same size of head and body so all Mini Knitkinz clothes fit them all. You can find on this page free patterns of

Four Mini Knitkinz Pants:

* "Mini Knitkinz Grey Pants.pdf"

* "Mini Knitkinz Green Pants.pdf"

* "Mini Knitkinz Teal Pants.pdf"

* "Mini Knitkinz Pink Pants.pdf"

The most popular Mini Knitkinz Animal now is the Mini Knitkinz Blue Bear.

You can also read about the Knitvana Big Bear Family and look for group patterns on

"Bears: Tea Cozy and Knitkinz" page of this website.

You can also look at Bears in “Knitvana Pattern Store” on Ravelry.

Mini Knitkinz Blue Bear $3

Another popular Mini Knitkinz animal is the Mini Knitkinz Grey Mouse.

Mini Knitkinz Grey Mouse $3

You can find a free pattern of Mouse Cheese and a pattern of Big Knitkinz Mouse on the
"House Animals" page of this website.

You can give your Mini Knitkinz unique personalities. You can take them with you anywhere. They make warm and comforting gifts that are so important for people you love in this tough economic time.

Farm Mini Knitkinz Animals

The very first set of Mini Knitkinnz are Farm Mini Knitkinz Animals:

* Mini Knitkinz Pink Piglet

* Mini Knitkinz Coral Cow

* Mini Knitkinz White Lamb

Mini Knitkinz Pink Piglet $3
Mini Knitkinz White Lamb $3
Mini Knitkinz Coral Cow $3

If you are planning to buy al least 2 Farm Mini Knitkinz Animals, you can use the same money to buy all 3 Farm Animals:

Mini Farm Animals (Cow, Lamb & Piglet) $6.00

Farm Animals are the best friends of Lizzy the Cow Tea Cozy - Knitvana mascot. There are also Big Knitkinz Farm Animals. You can look on their pictures
Lizzy the Cow page of this website.
Don't forget that Lizzy's pattern is free!

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