Tea Cozies and Knitkinz

Tea Cozies, Knitkinz, Evening Bag...

Mini Knitkinz Animals

Introducing Mini Knitkinz - about half size of original Knitkinz

kKitchen - Knitting for Your Kitchen

Knitting for kitchen: tea cozies, pot holders, placemats, more...

Your Beautiful Home

Knitting for your home, for holidays, for your gifts...

kGifts - Knitted Gifts

Knitting for the next Christmas or Easter, knitting toys for kids, other gifts...

kPillows - Knitted Pillows

Knitted Modern Art pillows, Yin-Yan pillow or simple eye pillows

Our Mascot - Lizzy the Cow

Meet our mascot - Lizzy the Cow - a knitted tea cozy.

Knitting and Tai Chi

What Helps You to Relax?

We all know for many years that yoga helps us to relax. Another relaxation exercise is Tai Chi. For me Tai Chi works for stress relief even better than Yoga.

Tai Chi is a martial art, but also it iworks very well for mind calming and relaxation. When you are doing Tai Chi your breathing is better and you can meditate. It's one of the best exercises to reduce your stress.

How Knitting Helps for your Stress Relief?

First Stress Relief Ideas? Knitted Animals!

Our first stress relief knitting was Lizzy the Cow Tea Cozy: it was a lot of fun to knit it and Lizzy the Cow became the mascot of our knitting website.

Knit a Tea Cozy and Have a Cup of Tea

Are You Stressed?

Did you hear that more than 60% of doctor visits are for conditions related to stress? Too much stress is very bad for your health and to be healthy you have to find your ways of stress relief.

What is very helpful for stress relief? Drinking green tea and knitting.


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