Who Has Time to Knit These Days?

...Knitting is very time consuming and my 'to do' list is already a mile long. How can I add knitting to my already too busy life? Knitting is very good for your stress relief. Start with something simple...

Inspired by...

Modern Art

How do you come up with knitting ideas? What inspires your projects? It's not always obvious how to answer these questions. But some ideas can easily be traced to their origin.

Boost Your Creativity

Bernadette Murthy in her wonderful book “Zen and the Art of Knitting” dedicated a whole chapter – Ripening the Intellect – to creative aspects of knitting. She describes how knitting is used in Waldorf schools to prepare first graders for writing and math and fifth graders for learning about mathematical progressions.

Knitting and Stress Relief

You came home from a long day at work. You are exhausted. You are totally stressed. What's next? You find yourself in front of the freezer reaching for ice cream or you are pouring yourself a glass of wine? Try to pick your needles instead and knit...


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