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Popular Knitkinz

Popular 8 Knitkinz Animals and 2 Chairs for them.

Popular Knitkinz - 8 Animals and 2 Chairs

Knitkinz are cute stuffed knitted animals. They have a lot of furniture and you can take a free pattern of the Knitkinz Bed from this page:

Please find the "Knitkinz Bed.pdf" file at the bottom of this page

The most popular Knitkinz furniture is included in the "Popular Knitkinz" pattern. They all have the same size of head and body so all Knitkinz clothes fit them all. You can find free clothes and accessories patterns on the
Knitkinz Animals page of this website.

You can give your Knitkinz unique personalities. You can take them with you anywhere. They make warm and comforting gifts that are so important for people you love in these tough economic times.

This Page is for Popular Knitkinz

The pattern is for popular Knitkinz. We created it in 2011 and the price was $20.11. Now the price is only $19.99 for the pattern of all Popular Knitkinz. If you buy all these patterns separately, it would cost you about $36.

Popular Knitkinz $19.99

This pattern is for popular Knitkinz - 8 Animals:

* Blue Dog

Knitkinz Blue Dog $3.62

* Brown Monkey

Knitkinz Brown Monkey $4.73

* Bear Family

Knitkinz Bear Family $3.75

* Yellow Elephant

Knitkinz Elephants $4

* Green Hippo

Knitkinz Green Hippo $4

* Orange Cat

Knitkinz Orange Cat $4

* Yellow Cow

Knitkinz Yellow Cow $4

* Green Crocodile

Knitkinz Green Crocodile $4

... and 2 Knitkinz Chairs:

* Couch and Chair Couch: Height: 5”; width: 9”; depth: 5”; Chair: 5" x 7.5” x 5”)

Knitkinz Couch and Chair $2

* Armchair

Knitkinz Armchair $2

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Knitkinz Bed v2.pdf140.68 KB