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How Knitting Helps for your Stress Relief?

First Stress Relief Ideas? Knitted Animals!

Our first stress relief knitting was Lizzy the Cow Tea Cozy: it was a lot of fun to knit it and Lizzy the Cow became the mascot of our knitting website.

We already knitted several Tea Cozies. Our friends love to get them as presents and cover their teapots to make a good tea which helps them to relax.

Our next anti-stress idea was knitting toys. Now we have 23 Knitkinz Animals. These little knitted animals have their own sweaters, pants, and skirts. They also have knitted furniture. Kids love knitted toys; many adults like them too. We’ve heard that Australian knitters send Knitkinz toys to children via Word Vision. We sent some knitted toys to ill children and of course give them as gifts for kids of our friends.

Caring about kids, your relatives, your friends is so good for your stress relief. That’s probably the main reason why tea cozies and toys knitting are so helpful for us.

Do you want to know how knitting helps people for stress relief? Read a

Ravelry Forum: How knitting helps for your stress relief?

This is from one of our favorite messages (see the author's website): different ways that knitting lowers my stress.

1. If I’m waiting for something (dr’s office etc) or someone (who always shows up late) then I don’t mind it so much if I have my knitting to keep me occupied while I wait -- it doesn’t feel like my time is totally wasted.

2. If I’m traveling a long distance on transit (bus, train, air) then knitting keeps my mind off the time and it passes more quickly -- again, less stress.

3. If I have to socialize in an environment where I find the people challenging to entertain, knitting something mindless while I visit helps take the edge off -- it fills in the blanks where I would normally be feeling edgy.

4. Sometimes I just need a creative outlet and knitting gives me that
On low energy days, if I sit and knit for several hours I still feel like I accomplished something even if I couldn’t get myself in gear to accomplish more physical tasks

5. Knitting often gives me a unique gift idea for someone taking away the stress of shopping for something else for them There’s probably another half-dozen ways it destresses me, but that’s a start!

Knitted Animals - Gifts for Kids, Friends, Relatives...

Celebrate the New Year with Knitvana!! 14 Animals for $20.14 just in time for 2014!

14 Knitvana knitted animal toys are:
* 5 Big Knitkinz (14” tall): Monkey, Dog, Cat, Crocodile, Elephant
* 3 Knitkinz for Your Office (6” tall): Bear, Dog, Cat
* 2 Small Knitkinz (7” tall): Cow, Bear
* 4 Other Toys: Piggy Bank, 3 Little Bears, Mice, Ducky

Because of New Year 2014 you can get all 14 Animal Toy patterns only for $20.14. If you buy all these patterns separately, it would cost you over $46!

You can find a lot of pictures and patterns on our website.

Knitkinz for Your Office

These 6" tall Knitkinz for Your Office toys can sit next to you in your office. They can hold pens or business cards for you. Or they can sit and look at your computer while you are working... The Knitkinz for Your Office patterns are available via Ravelry.
Yarn for Hippo - Pink. Pattern: Knitkinz Hippo for Your Office $2.95
Yarn for Monkey - Brown & Yellow. Pattern: Knitkinz Monkey for Your Office $4.12
Yarn for Cat - Blue & White. Pattern: Knitkinz Cat for Your Office $2.97
Any yarn can be used for your Dog. For this Knitkinz Dog we used Grey and White Cotton Yarns. Also we used Red Cotton Yarn for his tongue and White Fun Fur for his ears. Pattern: Knitkinz Dog for Your Office $2.98
This Knitkinz Bear is a perfect way to give a hug this Valentine Day to your Valentine. The pattern for the Bear: Knitkinz Bear for Your Office $2.99.

Knitvana Tea Cozy Patterns

Two Cute Toys Together - Tea Cozy and Knitkinz

If you love knitted animals toys, please look at our animals sets -
Knitkinz and Tea Cozies

We have: Two Cats, Two Dogs, Two Pigs, Two Monkeys, Two Bears, Two Hippos and of course we have Two Cows!

Each of "Two Animals" patterns would cost you only $7. If you buy these patterns separately they cost you $9. An exception is the set of cows: Lizzy Tea Cozy pattern is free!

If you want to see all 18 our Big Knitkinz Animals, please go to

Webpage "All Big Knitkinz"

Halloween Owl Basket

The Halloween Owl Basket is the perfect way to celebrate Halloween! Trick-or-Treaters will love taking candy out of this basket. Or Trick-or-Treaters can use the basket to collect candy around their neighborhood on Halloween night! Or you can put it anywhere around your house as a spooky Halloween decoration
It would also make a perfect gift. This knitted basket is a special holiday offer, so get it soon! Hoooo Hoooo.
Pattern is available in Ravelry only for $1.99: Halloween Owl Basket pattern

Meditation Pillow

Start meditation by breathing with sitting position. You can sit on a chair or on meditation pillow.

To design the meditation pillow with 132 squares we used needles #3 and cotton yarn of many colors: we have yarn leftovers with a lot of different colors. Please look at the 'Kandinsky Pillow Colors.pdf' file down of the Modern Art page to see the list of colors we used.
This pillow has:
* 132 squares
* less than 4 yards each
The size of this pillow is 17" x 15” x 8".
This is a high level pattern: is does not describe each stitch on each row: Meditation Pillow - $1.98

Knitting and Tai Chi

Tai Chi works very well for mind calming and relaxation. When you are doing Tai Chi your breathing is better and you can meditate. It's one of the best exercises to reduce your stress.
Yin and Yang is Tai Chi symbol and Tai Chi is the best stress relief for me. Another knitting idea that works well for stress relief: Yin-Yang Pillow or Placemat.
If you want to knit Yin Yang pillow or placemat, the pattern is published in Ravelry:
Yin-Yang Pillow or Placemat $5.16

Knitting the Tai Chi symbol - Yin-Yang - works well for stress relief. It's much easier to knit Red Yin-Yang Placemat that the cycle Yin-Yang pillow. If you want to knit the Red Yin Yang Placemat, the pattern is published in Ravelry:
Yin-Yang Red Placemat $2.71

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