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Knitting and Tai Chi

What Helps You to Relax?

We all know for many years that yoga helps us to relax. Another relaxation exercise is Tai Chi. For me Tai Chi works for stress relief even better than Yoga.

Tai Chi is a martial art, but also it iworks very well for mind calming and relaxation. When you are doing Tai Chi your breathing is better and you can meditate. It's one of the best exercises to reduce your stress.

To Relax Knit Yin-Yang - Tai Chi Symbol

Yin-Yang Red Placemat

Knitting the Tai Chi symbol - Yin-Yang - works well for stress relief. Red Yin-Yang Placemat is easier to knit that the cycle Yin-Yang pillow. The size of this placemat is 10" x 10".

If you want to knit the Red Yin Yang Placemat, the pattern is published in Ravelry:

Yin-Yang Red Placemat $2.71

Yin-Yang Pillow or Placemat

Knitting the Yin-Yang Pillow or Placemat is more complicated than the Red Yin-Yang placemat. If you are an advance knitter and if you want to knit this Yin Yang pillow or placemat, the pattern is published in Ravelry:

Yin-Yang Pillow or Placemat $5.16

For me knitting Yin and Yang is very good for stress relief - it's Tai Chi symbol and Tai Chi is the best stress relief exercise!