22 November / / Toys
Knitkinz House Animals You can give your Knitkinz unique personalities. You can take them with you anywhere. They make warm and comforting gifts that are so important for people you love in this tough economic time. This 6” tall Knitkinz Office Cat and Dog can sit next to you in your office. They can keep pens or business cards for you. Or they can sit and look at your computer.
22 November / / Modern Art / House / Geometry
Coming Soon! Modern Art Pillows Wassily Kandinsky, Gravitation To design this Modern Art Pillow we were inspired by Wassily Kandinsky painting “Gravitation”, 1935. To design this pillow (18” x 18”). We used needles #3 and cotton yarn of many colors. These colors are not exactly the same as colors on Kandinsky “Gravitation”. We mostly used yarn that we had and we would not advise people to buy a lot of different yarn colors.
21 November / / Modern Art / House
Coming Soon! Modern Art How do you come up with knitting ideas? What inspires your projects? It’s not always obvious how to answer these questions. But some ideas can easily be traced to their origin. Modern Art Placemat This Modern Art Placemat is easy to knit. The size of this placemat 10” x 10”. I used needles #3 and cotton yarn of different colors. I used only yarn that I had.
20 November / / House / Toys
Red Cat Tea Cozy and Knitkinz Orange Cat Two Patterns: Red Cat Tea Cozy and Knitkinz Orange Cat for $7 Only Tea Cozy: Red Cat Tea Cozy pattern $5 Two Tea Cozies: Cat and Dog Tea Cozies $7 Cow Lizzy Tea Cozy and Knitkinz Yellow Cow Two Patterns: Cow Lizzy is Free! Only Knitkinz Cow: Knitkinz Yellow Cow $4 Piggy Tea Cozy and Knitkinz Pink Pig Two Patterns: Piggy Tea Cozy and Knitkinz Pink Pig for $7
17 November / / Toys
Year 2019 - Year of Pig Year of the Pig. 2019 is the Year of the Pig according to Chinese zodiac. This is a Year of Earth Pig, starting from Feb. 5, 2019 (Chinese New Year) and lasting to Jan. 24, 2020. As a New Year gift you can knit a Pig! We have several patterns: Piggy Bank - a toy or as a small pillow.