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Welcome to Knitvana - your refuge to knitting from daily stress! The site name - Knitvana - is a combination of words "knit" and "nirvana" and it is the explanation of the main purpose of the site. We want you to enter a happier state of mind by relieving your stress into the art of knitting. Just take a look through our pages and whether you are a beginner or an experienced knitter we hope that this site will help you to find nirvana.
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Coming Soon! Modern Art How do you come up with knitting ideas? What inspires your projects? It’s not always obvious how to answer these questions. But some ideas can easily be traced to their origin. Modern Art Placemat This Modern Art Placemat is easy to knit. The size of this placemat 10” x 10”. I used needles #3 and cotton yarn of different colors. I used only yarn that I had.
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Gifts for Your Valentine Traffic Light Hearts - for Valentine’s Day The pattern is available for free: "Traffic Light Hearts". Valentine's Day Trio Valentine’s day is just around the corner and knitvana has a perfect gift for that someone special in your life! Introducing the perfect Valentine’s day trio, the lovable cat, dog and bear. Show your love with these cute knitkinz and knitted heart.
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Introducing kGeometry - Knitting Geometry Introducing kGeometry - Knitting Geometry. If you love math and love knitting, this is for you! We designed several kGeometry patterns. You can see kGeometry patterns on this webpage. Coming Soon! kGeometry: Placemats with Venn Diagrams Placemats: Circle, Square & Triangle Venn Diagram Placemat size is 12" x 12". Pattern: kGeometry: Placemats with Circle, Square & Triangle Venn Diagram $1.21 kGeometry: Placemats with Circle Venn Diagrams Placemat size is 12"
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Piggy Bank Toy & Pillow You can use this cute Piggy Bank as a toy or as a small pillow. The Piggy Bank makes a cute gift. It is easy enough for beginner knitters and a lot of fun for experienced knitters. Knitting pattern for Piggy Bank Toy and Small Pillow - $4 Knitkinz Piglet - for Your Office This 6” tall new piglet - Knitkinz Office Piglet - can sit next to you in your office.